Exhibition at the Latsis Symposium – Zürich, Switzerland – 6-9 June 2018

Arnaud is very happy to be part of the Latsis symposium “Scaling-up Forest Restoration” in Zürich, Switzerland. The symposium takes place from the 6th to the 8th of June 2018 with a public event held on the 9th. He’ll be attending the symposium and also show an exhibition of pictures entitled “Of trees and people“. This set of pictures has been crafted in collaboration with the symposium organizers. Here is the description:

“In his exhibit “Of trees and people – recovering a shared culture of forests”, Arnaud De Grave uses reportage-oriented photography to explore public perceptions of forest and landscape degradation and restoration.

Photographs are an effective medium to elicit thoughts and discussions around these issues by helping to contextualise conservation and landscape management concepts. Ethnographically-inspired photography focuses specifically on people in their environment, which personalises the science, gives local people a voice and bridges the gap between public perceptions and local realities. Participants in the symposium and the associated public events will be able to reflect upon, discuss, and question the stories and issues that lie behind the presented images.”

Latsis flyer 2018